SPG Grant

Senior Provider Group Community Grants

Each year the Anne Arundel Senior Provider Group awards grants to local non-profit organizations that care for seniors in the community. Grant applications are due no later than April 15th.

Applicants must be a Non-Profit organization that serves the senior population in Anne Arundel County. Applicants must also be in existence for at least one year and the projects/programs offered by the organization must be directed towards caring for senior citizens.


You may download and print a PDF version of the Grant Request Form by clicking the button.

Grant Request Form

Please e-mail the Grant Form to seniorprovidergroup@gmail.com with the subject of “SPG Grant Request”.


We encourage you to fill out the electronic Grant Request Form below. Please allow 24 hours of response. If you have any problems please e-mail seniorprovidergroup@gmail.com. Thank you.

1. Date

2. Name of Non-Profit Organization

3. Tax ID

4. Your Name

5. Your Title

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7. Address

8. Phone Number

9. Current Member of Senior Provider Group? YesNo

10. Brief description of services provided to Seniors in our community

11. Number of Seniors served per month

12. What will the funds be used for?

13. Why should your Non-Profit be selected?

14. Additional Message